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National Biometric Identification System

Challenges of Traditional Biometric Information Database Construction Mode


Unable to collect biometric features with higher accuracy such as iris, finger vein and multi-modal. Collected biometric information type is limited to fingerprint.


Limited quality of collected fingerprint data can not meet the needs of national database construction. And it is impossible to collect fingerprints for people with fingerprint problem.


Unable to effectively empower other relevant businesses in the country such as finance, election, etc.


There are cases of extrajudicial and fraud in paper-based fingerprint comparison.


Paper documents are used to manage the fingerprint images of citizens in traditional modes, but the paper data is not easy to find, takes up a large storage space, and is difficult to manage. Irresistible factors, such as fire, aging corrosion, etc., would lead to a high risk of damage and loss of the original fingerprint data.



Biometric information offline/online collection, types of biometric data collected include face, iris, fingerprint, finger vein, etc.


Upload biometric algorithm information to the national data center, and deduplicate the uploaded biometric information in the data center.


If duplicate biometric information records are found, data will not be registered into database; If no duplicate biometric records are found, the biometric information and personal basic information would be stored in the national biometric database.

Solution Advantages

Biometric National Id

Multi-Modal Fusion Technology

Based on the core biometric technology - face, iris, fingerprint, finger vein and multimodal algorithm, Eyecool Technology creates and provides the service of multimodal fusion recognition algorithm, effectively improving the applicability of biometric technology to different people and different scenes.

Biometrics For National Id

Meet the Requirements of Biometric Database Construction

There are relatively high requirements for the database size in national biometric database construction. Eyecool multi modal biometric device and service capabilities can realize clear, fast and effective data collection; and one-time collection can meet the requirements of multi biometric data and national database construction data requirements.

Biometrics In National Id

Solve Data Islands

For data management of the national database construction, the relevant data of all regions are reported to the national biometric information database in real time. Realize real-time data reporting, enable the information exchange between the upper and lower levels of the country and regions, and solve the problem of data island.

National Id Biometrics Requirements

Statistical Analysis, Real-Time Monitoring

The purpose of the national database is to combat criminal acts, and the solution supports using big data analysis, real-time monitoring through the big BI data screen, data analysis, alarm and early warning, real-time display of alarm data, helping the related departments locate criminals in time, and ensuring the property safety of the national people.

Biometric Identification Solutions

Empower More Industries

Relying on core biometric algorithms, from biometric devices to biometric information service capability platform, Eyecool Technology opens standardized interfaces, supporting third-party rapid access, empowering more business management, such as public security, smart city, urban security, airport and other scene applications, to be a robust data and business support hub for fighting crime.

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