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Biometrics In Examinee Identification



The traditional student registration method requires students to fill in paper forms and attach photos, which is inefficient and difficult to collect.


Students' daily class attendance and examinee identity verification rely on ID card verification, pen and paper signature and other methods, which are prone to partner clocking, identity fraud and human error


Lectures and exams with a large number of students rely on manual attendance methods, which is inefficient and students need to wait for a long time.



When students enter school and register, capture their biometric information such as fingerprint, finger vein, face, and iris, etc., and register their basic information, check whether there is duplicate information in the database. If not, save the student's information in the database.


Set attendance time according to lecture time or exam time, synchronize personnel data from database to devices.


Use handheld, wall-mounted, standing devices at the entrance of the classroom and examination room to collect the biometric information of the personnel, perform identity verification within the device, and display the identified student information and photos on the device in real time to achieve dual identity verification, and record the attendance as normal attendance or late attendance

Solution Advantage

Biometrics In Schools

Easy to Manage

Schools can quickly and easily register, identify and verify students and manage student information.

The Use Of Biometrics In Schools

Improve Security and Efficiency

Accurate time and attendance management based on ABIS automated biometric identification system, tracking and recording time and attendance data in an automated, accurate and cost-effective way, significantly improving the efficiency of time and attendance management system.

Use Of Biometrics In Schools

Data Analysis

Real-time feedback on the number of attendance personnel and personalized attendance report.

Biometric Education

Support Multiple Scenarios

Support multiple modal recognition, including fingerprint recognition algorithm, dual camera face recognition, iris scanner for sale, finger vein recognition algorithm, etc., to meet a variety of use scenarios, and non-contact technology to promote better public health and safety.

Education Biometric

Interface with Other Systems

It can be connected with other systems to realize kinds of scenarios such as smart payment of canteen, access control management of campus, digital library lending records, etc., and realize full scene application of smart campus.

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