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Biometric Device For Facility Management

Control facilities in kinds of industries to realize smart office using Eyecool's biometric access control product, and office system log-in using multi-modal biometrics, etc.

Manage facility through biometric access control and office system log-in using multi-modal biometrics to protect personal and property safety in various industries such as office, building, bank, park, campus, etc.

Biometric Access Control System

Combined robust access control terminal device with backend management service, Eyecool biometric access control system realizes device management, personnel management, and access control via biometric. The system is easy to use and ensure the security in various industries.

Office System Log-in with Multi-modal Biometrics

Eyecool multimodal single sign-on solution, which comprehensively uses [multimodal biometric strong identity authentication technology], [RPA automatic filling robot technology] and [intelligent sensing terminal product], is a comprehensive solution combining software and hardware.