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Binocular Iris Recognition Device ECI351
binocular iris recognition device eci351
iris recognition device
iris recognition scanner

Binocular Iris Recognition Device ECI351

Eyecool Technology binocular iris recognition device (ECI351) is a biometric vertical iris scanner sevice that collects, registers, compares and verifies the iris feature information inside human eyes, and it's suitable for desktop placement. The camera of the iris biometric device adopts mirror design, built-in infrared fill-in light and small size. Unique triple iris acquisition distance positioning technology of the single iris scan device makes the iris acquisition process easy and convenient. The biometric iris scanner device is applicable to all kinds of people and is widely used in iris identity verification scenes in the fields of finance, public security, education, judicial organs, social security, etc.


Documents Supports of Biometric Iris Scanner Device ECI351

Feature of Binocular Iris Recognition Device ECI351

Precise and Convenient

Precise and Convenient

Supports both iris acquisition and recognition. Our biometric iris scanner device can realize the acquisition, registration of users' iris information, and establish a feature library based on the information; compare the iris information collected on site with the iris information stored in database to realize user identity verification.

Original Appearance

Original Appearance

Vertical product is suitable to be placed on the desktop. Size of the biometric iris scanner device is small and easy to use. The camera adopts mirror design and built-in  infrared fill-in light, ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of iris image acquisition and recognition under various light conditions.

Triple Positioning

Triple Positioning

Triple iris acquisition distance positioning technology and independent iris image detection algorithm lead to accurate capture of  iris image.

Software Development Kits

Software Development Kits

Provides demonstration tools and development kits to support customized development.

Drive Free Installation

Drive Free Installation

USB universal device, drive free installation.

Complete Certifications

Complete Certifications

The iris recognition device has obtained various international certificates such as CE, RoHS and FCC.

Parameter of Binocular Iris Recognition Device ECI351

Basic Parameters

Camera Type

Single mode near infrared lens


2million pixels



Maximum Frame Rate


Output Format



USB2. 0

Performance Parameters

Drive Type

Drive free

Identification Distance


System Support

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows10, Linux system

Exposure Control


White Balance


Using Environment

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Working Humidity


Power Supply

USB power supply

Power Waste


Other Parameters

Product weight

950g (including packaging), net weight 700g

USB cable length

3 Meters

Application Scenario of Binocular Iris Recognition Device ECI351

Double Iris Scanner

Bank teller login verification, password free login.

Iris Recognition Device

Iris acquisition and verification of prison personnel.

Iris Recognition Scanner
Border Control

Border exit and entry management.

Iris Scanner Cost

Candidates - students registration and verification.

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Binocular Iris Recognition Device ECI351
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