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Multimodal Biometric Solution in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Case Description:

  • Verification of teller's identity for attendance check and authorization

    When the tellers sign in business system and require authorization, fingerprint identification is used to eliminate the situation of substitute, substitute, delegate authorization and self-authorization. The transaction is well documented and abnormal business is timely warned. At present, ICBC has expanded fingerprint identification from its core business system to many channel businesses in the counter, which adds a safe "lock" for business control.

  • Fingerprint dynamic password lock security solution

    Aiming at the security management of bank cash self-service equipment, Eyecool Technology launched the security solution of online fingerprint dynamic password lock. The scheme uses mature fingerprint biometric means to identify the identity of the unlocking personnel, and replaces the password with a single effective and never repeated dynamic password generated by centralized control in the background, which completely solves the inconvenience and security risks of the traditional mechanical password lock password handover and management.

System Design Concept:

In the early stage of bank core system teller identity verification, there were operational risks and illegal operations such as being copied, embezzled, and password cracked. In order to effectively avoid risks, improve human resources management means, and build a safe and efficient teller management system, ICBC proposed the need to build teller fingerprint recognition algorithm and fingerprint verification equipment.

Implementation function:

The application of ICBC reflects the effectiveness and security of biometric identification technology. ABIS fingerprint verifies the identity of the teller through fingerprint identification to reduce the internal control risk. The fingerprint device used complies with the ISO7816 specification and adopts encryption algorithm. All data are encrypted to ensure data security

multimodal biometric solution in industrial and commercial bank of china

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