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Biometric Analysis In Criminal Investigations



Paper documents are used to manage the fingerprint images of criminals and suspects in traditional modes, but the paper data is not easy to find, takes up a large storage space, and is difficult to manage. Irresistible factors, such as fire, aging corrosion, etc., would lead to a high risk of damage and loss of the original fingerprint data.


For the confirmation of criminals, forensic manual detection takes too long. An extremely long time would be taken for forensic experts to manually complete the fingerprint comparison, which may also affect the criminal investigation.


There are cases of extrajudicial and fraud in paper-based fingerprint comparison.


Database of fingerprints would be rather small and hard to manage, the risk of fingerprint data loss would be quite high.



Collect biometric information of personnel entering the police station, types of biometric information collected include face, iris, fingerprint, finger vein, etc.


Compare and verify the collected biometric information data in the criminal system biometric database.


If duplicate criminal records are found, the criminal record of the person will be updated; if no duplicate criminal records are found, the biometric information, basic personnel information and criminal records will be stored in the criminal system biometric database.


If there is a biometric database in this region, the criminal system biometric database can be connected with the regional biometric database and the criminal data can be synchronized.


If the person needs to be sent to prison, save related information such as cell, sentence, etc. to the criminal database.


At the end of sentence, verify prisoner via biometric verification technology and release prisoner if verification is passed.

Solution Advantages

Biometric Analysis In Criminal Investigations

Identify Suspects More Accurately

With our criminal identification solution, users can process a large number of fingerprints and faces information to identify suspects or related persons. Quickly search for matches in databases containing millions of records, thus speeding up the investigation process.

Biometrics In Criminal Justice

Automatic Operation

Eliminate paper forms and electronic forms, create and manage detailed criminal system files, therefore enrollment and identification of biometrics would be fully digitized. Biometric images captured would be archived in disk and biometric data would be saved safely in database. Reliable analysis and report would be conducted by providing real-time data analysis capability and insight through BI large screen.

Biometric Surveillance

Multi-Modal Biometric Identification

In the absence of fingerprints, other biometric information such as face, iris can become powerful investigative tools for solving cases. Eyecool iris and face recognition benefits from artificial intelligence and deep neural network, achieving excellent results in major biometric competitions.

Biometrics And Surveillance

Improve Safety

In the prison management scenario, eliminate the opportunity to release the wrong prisoners.

Biometric Surveillance System

Easy to Use and Improve Efficiency

Any police could make use of the system easily with a short training session, system could improve the process of collecting and matching biometric data, increase the number of police officers who are able to collect and identify biometric data, shorten time of solving cases.

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