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what algorithm is used in fingerprint technology?

In fingerprint technology, various biometric algorithm can be used, but the most common ones include:

Minutiae-Based Matching: This algorithm focuses on identifying specific points in the fingerprint patterns, such as ridge bifurcations and endings. It compares these minutiae points between the stored template and the presented fingerprint.

Pattern Matching: This involves comparing the overall pattern of ridges and valleys in the fingerprint, including the flow of the ridges, to recognize and match the fingerprint against stored templates.

Ridge Feature Analysis: Beyond minutiae, this method analyzes the unique patterns of the ridges themselves, including their flow, width, and curvature.

Hybrid Methods: Combining aspects of the above methods to improve accuracy and reliability in various conditions.

Does Eyecool design and manufacture its products?

Yes. For hardware, we design and manufacture hardware products by ourselves. Our manufacturing site locates in Shenzhen China. 

For software, we design and develop multiple platform products such as ABIS system, SaaS, device management platform, and we can also customize our software according to users' requirements.

What are the main industries and markets of Eyecool?

Eyecool's products are used in various industries such as finance, national biometric database, criminal investigation, election, biometric access control system, education, park, etc. We have served 2000+ global clients, sold more than 2 million sets of products worldwide. Clients are mainly from Asia, Africa and South America, we also trying to expand our market in Europe and North America.

Are products of Eyecool compliant with international standards?

Yes. Our iris algorithm has won 3rd place in NIST IREX10 competition in 2021; fingerprint algorithm has passed NIST MINEX Ⅲevaluation. Fingerprint and iris devices are STQC certified. Fingerprint devices have passed FBI Mobile ID FAP10 and FAP20 tests. Fingerprint, face and iris data is compliant with ISO standard. Products can be integrated into third party system easily.

What is ABIS and what can it do?

ABIS is a multimodal automatic biometric identification unified platform developed by Eyecool originally. It takes Eyecool proprietary high-performance algorithms as the core engine, composed of 6 main micro services. Users can easily realize data management, multi-modal biometric verification (1:1), recognition (1:N), data encryption and real-time data analysis through HTTP or GRPC requests. The platform has been widely used in finance, education, election industries to realize safe identity verification.

What operation system are Eyecool products supported?

Our products can be run on Windows, Linux, Android system, users only need to use different SDK according to different OS. Please contact our specialists if you need more details.

What is SIM biometric and what is a biometric sim card?

“SIM biometric” typically refers to the integration of biometric authentication methods with SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card services or devices. This could mean using biometric data (like fingerprints or facial recognition) to secure access to a mobile device, authenticate mobile transactions, or activate a SIM card. The aim is to enhance security by ensuring that only the authorized user can use the SIM card for communication and other services. A biometric sim card is a card embedded with biometric technology, such as a fingerprint sensor, to authenticate the user's identity. It is used for secure transactions, access control, and identification, ensuring that only the authorized individual can use the card.

What is a fingerprint scanner used for?

Fingerprint scanners are used for biometric authentication to verify an individual’s identity based on their unique fingerprint patterns. Its applications include unlocking devices, controlling access to secure areas, authorizing financial transactions, and identifying individuals for law enforcement purposes.

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