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Eyecool provides various software to meet requirements of different users. We offer SDK to drive hardware and perform small/medium comparison on the frontend, ABIS used in the backend as a service engine for large-scale biometric application and software application for device and personnel management. Users can easily develop and build biometric identity application in national biometric database, access control, finance, eudcation, etc. with our software.

Biometric Scanner & Reader Software

Eyecool Biometric Scanner & Reader Software Types

Biometric Scanner & Reader Software Advantages

Using biometric technology, users can achieve identity system with following advantages:

  • Faster Authentication:

Using biometrics, we can identify identity fast and easily. 

  • Convenient:

In biometric technology, we can store the attendance data of the employees databases and search, update the data easily. 

  • Accuracy:

The data obtained from biometric security is quite accurate and show the exact time the employee entered or left the office. 

  • Flexible:

User don't have to remember and enter the password to verify identity. 

  • Access Control:

The biometric gives access control to the manager. 

  • Can't be easily stolen:

The biometric lock can't be stolen as easily as password.

What Software is Used in Biometric Scanner & Reader

There are many different types of software used in biometric. Choices include:

  • Fingerprint/Finger vein/Face/Iris recogniton softeware: 

Extract biometric feature data from images and compare it with data in database; Biometric image quality detection. 

  • ABIS: 

Automated biometric identification system, scalable unified identity recognition platform to realize the safe, convenient, true and accurate deduplication, verification and recognition of user identity. 

  • Time and attendance system: 

Use biometric identification to realize time and attendance systems. Running payroll with a time and attendance system improves efficiency and accuracy by reducing the need for double entry.

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Based on more than 10 years experience, Techshino owns high-accurate biometric algorithm and matching clusters with powerful processing capacity. We offer a variety of open APIs and SDKs to developers and companies for different development environments and biometric cloud applications.


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