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Office System Log-in with Multi-modal Biometric Device



The security of single authentication of account secret is not high. The traditional user name+password authentication method’ has become a weak part in system security.


The physical multifactor authentication usually combines the password with the physical object (such as U-shield, cipher, SMS, etc.) to effectively improve the security. This authentication operation is cumbersome and the experience is poor, and the physical object cannot be bound with people


There are many business systems, and password memory is difficult. Each business system has a set of account secret information, which leads to the need for employees to remember multiple sets of complex password information. Weak password security is low, and complex password information is difficult to remember, easy to forget, affecting office efficiency


The uniqueness of operators cannot be monitored. In strong compliance scenarios, only operational behavior audit can be required, but the uniqueness of operators is difficult to be required; Confirm that right person is operating, which needs to be realized in combination with third-party camera real-time monitoring.


The multimodal single sign-on solution, which comprehensively uses [multimodal

biometric strong identity authentication technology], [RPA automatic filling robot technology] and [intelligent sensing terminal product], is a comprehensive solution combining software and hardware.

On the premise of not making docking and transformation of various business systems.

Personal Biometric Information

The personal biometric information of employees is strongly bound to the account information of their business system, thus solving the problem of difficult memory of employee accounts and passwords.

RPA Automatic Filling Technology

By using RPA automatic filling technology, the login experience of various business systems has been improved, and the one-click login of various business systems has been achieved to improve office efficiency. Let all kinds of business systems start quickly and easily authenticate and log in, providing the ultimate office experience.

Solving the Problem of Password Supervision Difficulties

The system can regularly remind employees to change the password of each business system, the remaining time of the administrator account and the modification status, thus solving the problem of password supervision difficulties.

Intelligent Sensing Terminal Products

Supervise the operation of employees in combination with intelligent sensing terminal products, which can achieve the functions of leaving lock screen, changing lock screen, and bio-information unlock and wake-up. Solve the problem of the uniqueness of employees' operation

Encryption Algorithm

All information transmission and data storage in this scheme use encryption algorithm.


Biometric Log In

Better Experience

AI biometric authentication technology and RPA automatic filling technology enable various business systems to quickly start and easily authenticate and log in; Plug and play mode can not only achieve unified biometric authentication, but also avoid interfacing with various business systems. Improve efficiency without affecting the original business performance.

What Is Biometric Log In

Easy Login

One-click jump to the business system to solve the pain point of entering the account password and forgetting the password.

Biometric Attendance System For Office

Simple Deployment

The end-to-end one-stop solution has few components, extremely simple deployment process, and online efficiency can be improved by more than 50%. There is no need to connect the original business system, and there is no need to remember all kinds of passwords.

Biometric Device For Office Attendance

Management Convenience

The multimodal single sign-on system adopts a friendly user experience and supports daily operations such as template creation, batch import and export. It can complete management, biometric authentication and log in to various business systems with one click.

Office Biometric Devices

High Security

It integrates a comprehensive security strategy, including multimodal biometric fusion technology, multiple authentication methods, comprehensive transmission encryption algorithm, flexible security control strategy, etc., to achieve end-to-end security protection.

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