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Biometric Technology

Eyecool provides robust and efficient biometric technology services. As a world leader biometric algorithm provider with high accuracy and performance, Eyecool provides multi-modal algorithms including fingerprint, face, iris, finger vein and multi-modal fusion algotithm. Its iris algorithm won the third place in NIST IREX10, and fingerprint algorithm is NIST MINEX III compliant. Additionally, we develop Automatic Biometric Identification System ABIS to conduct safe, convenient, true and accurate verification of user identity based on Eyecool  proprietary fingerprint, face, iris, finger vein & multi-modal algorithm.

Biometric Technology

What is Biometric Identification Technology?

Biometric identification technology refers to the identification of personal identity through the close combination of computers with high-tech means such as optics, acoustics, biosensors and biostatistics principles, using the inherent physiological characteristics of the human body (such as fingerprints, facial images, iris, etc.) and behavioral characteristics (such as handwriting, voice, gait, etc.). It's more secure and convenient than traditional identification methods using keys or password. Biometric identification technology has the advantages of being unforgettable, good anti-counterfeiting performance, not easy to be forged or stolen, being "portable" and available anytime and anywhere.

What is Biometric Identification Technology?

Application of Biometric Identification Technologies

Biometric identification technology is the most important and basic part wherever identity verification is critical. With proprietary biometric identification technology as the starting point, Eyecool Technology has realized biometric application in various sectors such as government, law enforcement and education, etc., making kinds of scenarios applications a reality.

The most typical applications realized by Eyecool are:

1. Government Biometric Systems (National biometric identification system/Voter registration identification)

2. Biometrics in Law Enforcement (Criminal identification/Border control)

3. Biometric Finance (Internal risk control/Customer identification/E-KYC/SIM card applicant verification)

4. Biometric Check in System Airport (Biometric access control system/Office system log-in with multi-modal biometrics)

5. Biometric Education (Examinee identification)

Biometric database construction based on personal biometric and basic information, for government, national and regional scale project. Biometric data registration, deduplication and verification for election system to avoid invalid or fraud votes.
Law Enforcement
Enroll, verify and identify person through biometric identification for law enforcement deparment such as criminal investigation and border control.
Finance and Telco
Various biometric information registration and identification for kinds of application scenarios in financial and telco industry such as internal risk control, VIP identification and E-KYC, etc.
Facility Management
Control facilities in kinds of industries to realize smart office through biometric access control, office system log-in using multi-modal biometrics, etc.
Examinee information regisration, verification and attendance check-in via multi-modal biometrics.
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