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Multi-Modal Scanner

Eyecool multimodal fusion biometric scanner can realize simultaneous face and iris features capture and identity verification. The device can auto-adjust angle in line with user's height to realize auto capture of face and iris image. Combined with Eyecool proprietary multi-modal fusion algorithm, the device can realize much more accurate and fast identity verification than single modal devices.

Multi-Modal Biometric Scanner

Multi-Modal Biometric Scanner Technology

Multi-modal scanners capture multiple types of biometric data simultaneously, such as face & iris, fingerprint & finger vein. Combing with biometric data fusion technology, multimodal biometrics has access to make authentication and identification more accurate and safe.

Multi-Modal Biometric Scanner Technology

What is a Multimodal Biometric Authentication System?

A multimodal biometric authentication system utilizes  multiple biometric identifiers to verify a person's identity.  This adds an extra layer of security compared to relying on a single biometric factor.

Multimodal Approach: The system combines two or more different biometric modalities (unique biological characteristics) for user authentication.

Examples of Biometric Modalities: These can include fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition, or even signature recognition.

How Does Multi-modal Biometric Scanner Differ from Other Biometric Scanning Devices?

Compared with single biometrics, multimodal biometrics can collect different biometric features (fingerprints, finger vein, face, iris, etc.) through collectors with independent or multiple capture methods. It can support increasingly complex and diverse identity authentication scenarios, conduct more accurate identity authentication and centralized, unified system management as it can combine face, fingerprint, finger vein, iris, voice print and other biometrics.

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