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Taking self-developed underlying fingerprint, face, iris, finger vein and multi-modal algorithm as the core, Eyecool establishes ABIS multi-modal biometric identity verification such as abis fingerprint unified platform to realize safe, convenient, true and accurate verification of user identity. Relying on the Eyecool original underlying algorithm and unified data management, it has core functions such as multi-modal data perception, multidimensional data calculation, intelligent feedback decision-making, data security sharing, etc. It's applicable to the security risk prevention, intelligent identification analysis and identity verification services of computer network application systems in various fields.

automated biometric identification system

Types of ABIS Automated Biometric Identification System

What is ABIS and Automated Biometric Identification System?

Eyecool ABIS is a multi-modal automated biometric identification system supporting large-scale biometric identification and deduplication. As a multi-modal platform, it supports fingerprint, finger vein, face, iris and multi-modal fusion feature extraction, attribute analysis, verification and search recognition. The system design is robust and will not affect the normal works of other businesses when some businesses upgrade services, fail or have abnormal data. The platform ensures the stable works of the system through perfect backup and recovery strategies, reliable operation management monitoring and rapid fault handling means.

What is ABIS and Automated Biometric Identification System?

Automated Biometric Identification System Application

  • Based on the in-depth understanding of biometric scenes and reasonable technical architecture design, the function design is flexible and universal (such as biometric 1:1 comparison, 1:N search recognition, image quality detection, liveness detection, etc.), Users can flexibly configure service modules according to business demands.

  • The platform is equipped with functional application examples, which is convenient for users to quickly master the system. At the same time, the service monitoring interface is provided to facilitate users to monitor the service status in real time.

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