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Access Control System of Smart Dormitory in Shandong University

Case Description:

  • Realize face recognition and online management through the combination of face recognition software system and channel gate hardware equipment.

  • Functions such as face information collection, liveness detection, ID card reading are developed to realize enter and exit dormitory through face recognition and card swiping, detect face liveness to prevent false verification information such as photos and videos.

  • By integrating the ABIS automated biometric identification system with other systems, it can monitor and record the students, dormitories, access, permissions, logs, etc.

  • Integrate all business logic on the server to realize the management functions such as key personnel's whereabouts monitoring, WEB online query, real-time data push, etc. on the server.

  • It has the functions of combination of barrier-free and barrier-free channels, alarm, two-way access, automatic query and statistics, offline use, all-in-one card, etc.

System Design Concept:

As one of the important places for students to live, the safety of dormitory is very important, but due to the large number of people, there are different degrees of security risks. In order to realize the intelligent management of student dormitory, Shandong University and Eyecool Technology have cooperated in depth to build a safe and efficient face recognition channel management system for student dormitory of Shandong University.

Taking into account the dormitory situation of Shandong University, based on the self-developed multimodal biometric unified identity verification platform, taking the face biometric technology as the core, combining the face recognition technology with the campus reality, Eyecool built a complete intelligent dormitory access management system for Shandong University, allowing students to enjoy the efficiency and convenience brought by the era of artificial intelligence, helping dormitory management, and making campus life more intelligent.

Implementation function:

  • All-round intelligent dual camera face recognition ensures the safety of student dormitory;

  • Accurately realize the identity verification of dormitory students, effectively reduce the work cost and pressure of the dormitory staff;

  • Convenient, fast and time-saving, students can enter and leave the dormitory by face recognition without taking cards. 

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