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Portable drug tester for quick screening.
Iris Drug Tester ECX108
Iris and Face access control with 8 inches screen
Multi-Modal Face & Iris Recognition Access Control ECX333
Binocular iris scanner for enrollment.
Binocular Iris Scanner TCI322
Biometric database construction based on personal biometric and basic information, for government, national and regional scale project. Biometric data registration, deduplication and verification for election system to avoid invalid or fraud votes.
Law Enforcement
Enroll, verify and identify person through biometric identification for law enforcement deparment such as criminal investigation and border control.
Finance and Telco
Various biometric information registration and identification for kinds of application scenarios in financial and telco industry such as internal risk control, VIP identification and E-KYC, etc.
Facility Management
Control facilities in kinds of industries to realize smart office through biometric access control, office system log-in using multi-modal biometrics, etc.
Examinee information regisration, verification and attendance check-in via multi-modal biometrics.
About Eyecool

Founded in 1997, Eyecool Technology (formerly Techshino) focuses on the R & D, application and service of multi-modal biometric technology and products. It owns in-house developed single algorithms ranging from fingerprint, face, iris, finger vein to multi-modal biometric algorithm including face and iris fusion, fingerprint and finger vein fusion. As top of biometric identification companies in China, Eyecool Technology is committed to provide enhanced digital identity authentication and management for high-security, high-privacy and big database scenario application.

As a biometric verification technology company, Eyecool Technology provides a whole set of biometric technology, products and services ranging from algorithm, SDK, unified platform, application software, to intelligent terminals. Until now, it has already served more than 3000 customers worldwide, covering finance, public security, government, military, education, civil aviation, enterprises and institutions etc.

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