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Optical Fingerprint Reader TCO310
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Optical Fingerprint Reader TCO310

TCO310 fingerprint reader is an optical fingerprint acquisition module device independently developed by Eyecool. It has high-efficiency fingerprint acquisition function. Its upper surface is made of tempered glass, with excellent tactile sensation and strong finger detection function. It can realize fingerprint registration, identification and verification functions with the upper machine. The device is easy to carry and embedded into third-party equipment, which solves the problem of limited space for the installation of the scanners.


Feature of Optical Fingerprint Reader TCO310

Feature Encryption

Feature Encryption

Support encryption of data features, support 3DES, RSA and other encryption algorithms.

Accurate and Convenient

Accurate and Convenient

Acquire finger image. store data in RAW, BMP and other formats, and process the acquired fingerprint image to generate fingerprint feature data.

Support fingerprint comparison within the module memory, making identity authentication more convenient.

Exquisite Appearance

Exquisite Appearance

The upper surface is made of tempered glass, with excellent tactility.

Compact Size

Compact Size

Compact device, easy to carry. integrate, and embedded in third-party equipment.

Standardized Format

Standardized Format

Compatible with FBI-PIV, MINEX III, ISO19794-2 and NIST-378 standards.

Complete Certification

Complete Certification

The device has obtained FBI-PIV, CE, ROHS, WEEE, WHQL(win7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10) certification, and passed India's STQC and BIS certification.

Parameter of Optical Fingerprint Reader TCO310

Basic Parameters

Standard Image Size

256 * 360 pixels



Image Gray Scale


Capture Speed

>15 frames per second




USB2. 0



Standby Current


Working Current




Other Parameters

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


Relative Humidity


Application Scenario of Optical Fingerprint Reader TCO310

Optical Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint biometric information collection,deduplication and identity verification of legal voters in election scenario.

Optical Scanner Fingerprint
Mobile Payment

It can be integrated into mobile payment devices such as POS machines to instantly confirm the identity of traders.

Optical Fingerprint Scanner
Bank Teller Login

Bank tellers biometric login bank internal system using fingerprint reader.

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Optical Fingerprint Reader TCO310
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