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Optical Fingerprint Reader ECO320
eco 320

Optical Fingerprint Reader ECO320

ECO320 is an optical fingerprint capture module certified by FBI PIV and Mobile ID FAP20. This module adopts the "dynamic fingerprint template fusion technology" with independent intellectual property rights of Eyecool Technology, and has won the second prize of the "National Technological Innovation Award" in China and the "second prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award". Fingerprint capturing has clear imaging, fast capture speed, superior recognition performance, and strong adaptability to dry, wet, and rough fingerprints. The optical prism adopts K9 optical material, with a hardness of over 7H, high hardness, friction resistance, and long service life; Device has good weather resistance, suitable for a wide range of environments, and can meet the needs of large-scale fingerprint collection and verification. Small in size, it can be flexibly embedded into various terminals, suitable for various scenarios of fingerprint recognition, identity verification, and security control in finance, education, government, etc.


Feature of Optical Fingerprint Reader ECO320

Authoritative Certification

Authoritative Certification

Certified by FBI PIV and Mobile ID FAP 20, Compliant with international standards such as ISO, ANSI, and WSQ.

High Image Quality

High Image Quality

Imaging without distortion and with residual fingerprint suppression function to ensure the quality of captured images.

Strong Adaptability

Strong Adaptability

Unique "dynamic fingerprint template fusion technology", with excellent imaging effects for dry, wet, and rough fingers.

Fast Capture Speed

Fast Capture Speed

Optical fingerprint imaging system; Capture within second, sensitive sensing.

High Durability

High Durability

The optical prism is made of K9 optical material, with a hardness of over 7H, high hardness, friction resistance, and long service life; Good weather resistance, suitable

for a wide range of environments.

More Convenient Operation

More Convenient Operation

15.2×20.3mm effective collection area, supporting fingerprint rotation, 360°  recognition without dead angle.

Compact Size

Compact Size

44×32×15mm ultra-thin design for easy product integration.

Simple Development

Simple Development

Provide a complete SDK development package, support various languages, and quickly achieve customized development.

Parameter of Optical Fingerprint Reader ECO320

Basic Parameters

Device Startup Time


Working Voltage

DC 5V (±10%)

Operating Current


Quiescent Current


Working Power Consumption


Static Power Consumption



44*32*15 (length*width*height)



Image Metrics

Sensor Type


Service Life

More than 1 million times

Physical Window

18 * 24

Effective Capture Area

15.2 * 20.3 (width*length)

Image Pixels

300*400 pixels

Grayscale Image Depth

8-bit (256 levels)

Resolving Power


Acquisition Speed

25 frames/sec

Communication Port


USB 2.0 high speed


Operating System


Work Environment

Working Temperature


Operating Humidity

20%~90% RH@30 °C


Electrostatic Protection Level

ESD Protection

IEC 61000-4-2 level 4: 15kV air, 8kV contact

Capture Window Surface Hardness

5.5 ~ 6.5 Mohs hardness



Application Scenario of Optical Fingerprint Reader ECO320

Optical Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint biometric information collection,deduplication and identity verification of legal voters in election scenario.

Optical Fingerprint Reader
Mobile Payment

It can be integrated into mobile payment devices such as POS machines to instantly confirm the identity of traders.

Optical Fingerprint Reader
Access Control

Integrated into access control to manage entry and exit.

Optical Fingerprint Reader

Embedded in pads or laptops to verify candidates identity.

Optical Fingerprint Reader
Hotel Check-in

Verify customers identity during hotel check-in.

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Optical Fingerprint Reader ECO320
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