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Iris Scanner For Sale

Researched and developed iris algorithm successfully in 2007, Eyecool possesses strong capability in iris recognition technology with 15+ years experience. Based on powerful iris recognition technology, Eyecool developed various biometric iris scanner devices to be applied in different scenarios ranging from national scale voting project to identity verification on mobile end.

Iris Scanner

What is iris scanner?

The iris scanner captures images of either one or both of human irises with higher quality to match it with the existing iris pattern of an individual saved in the database. An iris scanner is a biometric device utilized for a real-time identification process with higher performance and greater accuracy.

What is iris scanner?

Iris Scanner Security

For the iris, it basically develops to a sufficient size in about eight months after birth, and then enters a stable period without any change. With the growth of age, the influence of environment or disease, people's fat and thin, voice, etc. will change, but the iris will not change. Once formed, it will become the unique and unchangeable identity of this person. Therefore, due to the highly unique, stable and unchangeable characteristics of iris, it is the basis for iris to be used for identity identification. Iris recognition is also considered as one of the safest biometric recognition technologies in the world.

Iris Biometric Reader Applications

Currently, biometric iris scanner is used in various scenarios such as smart finance, border control, national biometric database and election, iris attendance check, etc.

The iris biometric reader of Eyecool has been applied in several big banks in China for internal system biometric login, vault access control and iris verification safe box. Eyecool iris scanner module has been integrated into third-party tablet for enrollment and verification of voters in elections of several countries in Africa.

Additionally, iris and face multimodal device can be applied in scenarios requiring high level of security such as operation room in hospital, office, vault, etc. Immigrations in lots of countris worldwide also use iris scanner to enroll and verify entry people identities.

With the high security and uniqueness of iris verification, iris scanner for sale has a wide application space and can be applied in more scenarios in the future.

Iris Scanner Biometric Device Video

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