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Biometric Access Control System



Traditional access control management uses methods such as manual management, visitor registration, etc., which is inefficient and prone to human error, identity fraud and other problems


The use of RFID card is easy to cause the loss of card, resulting in security problems; Forgotten card and unable to enter


The traditional access control method makes it difficult to trace visitor records, locate the reasons after security problems occur, and manage the flow of people at all entrances and exits in a unified way.


In today's society, ensuring security is a real challenge. Ensuring data security, personal safety of employees and other needs always exist, which is an absolutely necessary solution in all fields.


The smart access control system solution of Eyecool Technology, combined with high-quality multimodal biometric access control terminal and powerful access control management platform, provides a powerful access management control system for various access control scenario.

Front-End Access Control Hardware

Front-end biometric access device, supports multiple modals of biometrics such as face and iris. The threshold of biometric comparison verification can be set at the device end to set the severity of verification in different scenario and area. Liveness detection, temperature detection, etc. are realized while face recognition, and the recognition log at the device end is returned to backend platform in real time.

Back-End Management Platform

Back-end management platform, provides the system management, data management, service management, etc. on the basis of the platform, and realizes the monitoring of the operation of the platform system and the statistical analysis of various log data, the BI screen real-time statistics of the number of connected devices, device distribution, the number of people, etc., and provides a variety of standard message push modules. In addition, it realizes the management, maintenance and remote upgrade functions of the access control terminal devices in the system, The iris reader access control in the system is managed uniformly, and different users are granted access rights to different areas according to user roles, user departments and other policy conditions. A unified biometric information database is established in the background to support the unified standard storage of biometric information data such as face and iris. At the same time, the basic data of personnel is stored and managed.

Management System

Users basic information and biometric features can be enrolled on both management platforms at back end and devices on the frontend, and the data registered at the device end is uploaded to the management system at the back end in real time.


Biometric Access Control System

Security and simplicity

Users can be identified via biometric information without any physical keys or identity documents. Compared with the solution using keys and cards, the security and simplicity are greatly improved.

Biometric Access Control Solutions

Easy to use

The iris recognition access control system is easy to use and does not require a lot of training or complex settings; It is equipped with the functions related to the access control system required by users, such as easy user management, multi-area management, real-time data upload and distribution, and individual user authority management for each access control.

Application For Biometric Attendance

Customized development

The system supports privatization and public cloud deployment modes, and supports customized development. Meet the flexible docking of various hardware terminal devices and software application systems, realize multi-scenario business applications, multi-dimensional data management analysis, and apply to multi-scenario biometric access control technology applications such as finance, park, office, security, etc

Application Of Biometric Attendance System

Prevent unauthorized personnel

Adopt industry-leading multimodal recognition algorithm technology, second-level recognition, easy access, prevent unauthorized personnel from entering, and can be deeply integrated with office software.

Biometric Attendance System With Access Control

Immediate identification

The flow of people through the access control system is smooth, and people can be identified immediately when approaching the access control system, avoiding long queues of visitors.

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