Beijing Eyecool Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Eyecool Technology Co., Ltd.

Experienced In Different Biometric Solutions

Eyecool's proprietary algorithms and data management system enable highly accurate and dependable identification while ensuring end-to-end system security. These systems boast features such as multi-modal data perception, intelligent feedback decision-making, and multidimensional data calculation to provide the most effective biometric technology solutions and secure identification services.


Eyecool's innovative algorithm and ABIS system offer a reliable solution for establishing biometric databases at the national, regional, and government levels, leveraging personal biometric and essential information.

Law Enforcement

Eyecool's biometric solutions cater to the requirements of law enforcement departments, including criminal investigations and border control. Our extensive experience in the industry facilitates easy enrolment, verification, and identification of individuals through biometric technologies using our cutting-edge products.

Finance and Telco

Eyecool's comprehensive solution enables customers to perform biometric information registration and identification for numerous application scenarios in the financial and telecom industries. This includes internal risk control, VIP identification, E-KYC, and other similar requirements.

Facility Management

Eyecool's biometric access control products enable smart office facilities across various industries. With our multi-modal biometric technology, customers can manage facility access and log-ins to enhance personal and property safety. These solutions can be implemented in office buildings, banks, parks, campuses, and more.


Eyecool's multi-modal biometric technologies enable examiners and students to register, verify and check-in for attendance with ease. Our solutions integrate with other systems such as canteen and library to enable a comprehensive smart campus experience. These features enhance the overall efficiency and security of campus operations.