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Internal Risk Control & Customer Identification & E-KYC Biometric

Challenges of Identity Management in The Financial Industry

Access Control of Key Places
  • Vault, Bank bills, Safe deposit box area, IT machine room, IT system change operation area, etc.

  • The security of access card or fingerprint scheme is poor, which could not effectively ensure the security of key places

  • Access records are often registered manually, which is time-consuming and cumbersome. Records omission often happens and the records are hard to track.

  • It's hard to find the hidden problems and may cause serious security incidents.

Access to Key Business Systems
  • Unified identity verification platform, Core system, Counter system, Credit management system, etc.

  • The traditional user name / password or soft certificate access solution is easy to be stolen.

  • Illegal authorization and unauthorized operation of others' accounts are easy to cause serious risks.

  • Major cases may occur after the theft and fraudulent use of authorization and it is hard to trace back.

Challenges of Biometric Technology in Financial Industry
  • There are too many scenarios that require identity verification in the financial industry. No any kind of biometric technology is applicable to all people and all scenes in the financial industry due to complicated applications.

  • Large scale of application requires an abundant, robust and convenient service, which is hard to realize.

  • Biometric data needs to be standardized and encrypted during enrollment and storage to ensure security and convenience, which requires high level of biometric technology.


Eyecool Technology owns four types of original biometric algorithms, plus multimodal fusion biometric algorithms, and provides biometric enterprise service platforms that are compatible with multiple algorithms, retains all kinds of biometric information of users, integrates multiple algorithms, and seamlessly supports multi business applications for the financial field.

As the leader in the biometric technology application in the financial industry, Eyecool technology provides

Four Core Biometric Algorithms

Fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, finger vein recognition and multimodal fusion biometric algorithm, which are accurate and friendly, augment identity verification

Multi-Modal Biometric Unified Platform

Eyecool multi-modal biometric identification unified platform integrates various biometric technologies into one platform to realize information sharing and unified identification

Abundant Experience in the Financial Industry

With abundant experience in the implementation of biometric solutions in the financial industry, Eyecool Technology can meet the biometric identity verification needs of bank internal risk control, customer identification to smart branch.

Intelligent Upgrade

Based on ABIS multimodal unified biometric platform, Eyecool provides banks with a comprehensive intelligent upgrade from bank internal risk control, customer identification to smart branch.


Bank Internal Risk Control

Face Recognition Verification Login

The access login of key business systems, such as counter system, core system, bill system, etc., adopts face comparison verification supplemented by existing safe login methods

Prevent Internal Crime

Use the process to detect whether you are yourself, and use face comparison and verification technology, supplemented by traditional security passwords, RFID cards, fingerprints, etc., to prevent staff from stealing others' passwords, RFID cards, etc. for collusion

Operator Behavior Monitoring

Sleeping, playing mobile phones, chatting, leaving post, leaving seat monitoring, replacement monitoring, multi person operation warning, etc.

Bank Counter Business

Customers identity verification on counter

Self-Service Bank

Self-service equipment identity verification (ATM, smart counter, etc.)

Mobile Banking Application

Identity verification of mobile banking application

Smart Branch

Personnel Management

On-the-post situation, dress code detection

Potential Customer Mining

Grasp the flow line, density and stream of passenger flow; Rapid adjustment service

Operation Specification

Outsiders access control, valuables kept monitor

Security Management

Abnormal behavior, blacklist control

Office Management

Employee attendance, face access control

VIP Identification

Welcome VIP by face identification

Accurate Marketing

Identify customer attributes and accurate customer portraits

Solution Advantages

Biometrics And Identity Theft

Unified Management of Biometric Data

Enables unified management of multiple biometric data of one person, unified planning ofbiometric data, and intelligent early warning of the security of customer accounts through a biometric data capture software.

Biometric Fraud Prevention

Multi Engine Intelligent Management

Algorithm engines are deployed separately in the form of microservices, and each engine runs independently without interference with each other

Ekyc Biometric

Multi Channel and Multi Scenario Management

Realize the independent processing of channel information. Multiple scenes can be created under the same channel. Different scenes can be accurately processed, and different comparison strategies can be configured for different scenes

E Kyc Biometric

Intelligent Statistical Analysis of Identification Records

There are records for each comparison, which is convenient for troubleshooting afterwards. Query statistics of multi-dimensional and multi scenario identification records. Intelligent data analysis and intelligent warning.

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