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Binocular Iris Capture Module ECI302

Binocular Iris Capture Module ECI302

ECI302 is an iris scanner module that integrates high-definition iris image capture and processing. It adopts original algorithm of Eyecool, which ranks in the top list of NIST IREX10. The IR high resolution imaging solution ensures high quality of iris image. Small size, simple structure, good usability, ergonomic compliance, suitable for various types of people. USB port is used for communication and standard customized development interface is provided, which can meet the customized development needs of different users and meet the application needs of places with high identity security requirements.


Feature of Binocular Iris Capture Module ECI302

World Leading Iris Algorithm

World Leading Iris Algorithm

Original iris algorithm ranks in the top list of NIST IREX10.

Iris Capture and Recognition

Iris Capture and Recognition

Achieve user iris information capture and recognition.

High Quality Image

High Quality Image

Adopts IR high resolution imaging solution to ensure high quality image.

Stable and Reliable

Stable and Reliable

Power waste and heat radiation are fully considered during product design.

Easy to Integrate

Easy to Integrate

Small size and easy to use, the structure design adopted is easy to integrate.

Easy for Customized Development

Easy for Customized Development

Provides full SDK, supports various development language, achieve customized development rapidly.

Parameters of Binocular Iris Capture Module ECI302

Image Parameters

Camera Resolution


Image Transmission Rate


FOV Field of View Angle

H: 31 degree, V: 24 degree, D: 38 degree


TV Distortion<1.0

Working Distance

21cm±5% (capture for enrollment)

21cm±10% (capture for recognition)

Equipment Resolution

≥4.0LP/mm (at 21cm)

Sampling Resolution

≥18pixel/mm (at 21cm)

Grayscale Utilization Rate


Iris Diameter


Contrast Between Iris and Sclera


Contrast Between Iris and Pupil


Effective Area of Iris


K7 Image Margin

Left and right > iris radius

Up and down>0.5 times iris radius

Iris Image Format

K1, K2, K3, K7 standard iris image format

ISO Standard 19794-6 (2005 & 2011)

ISO Standard 29794-6 (2015)

Image Distortion


Module Parameters

IR Light

850nm wavelength,<1mW/cm²

Image Output Format


Communication Port



Main board part: 60 * 22 * 5mm

Lens section: 73 * 17 * 12.6mm

Power Supply Mode

5V ± 10%/power ripple should be less than 100mV

Power Consumption


Working Temperature

-10˚C ~ +55˚C (Humidity: 10%RH~95%RH)

Storage Temperature

-20˚C ~ +70˚C (Humidity: 10%RH ~95%RH)

Operating System


Android 4.1 and above with UVC,

Linux 2.6.32 and above with UVC

Standard Compliance

Eye safety standard (IEC 62471:2006-07), RoHS

Algorithm Index

Recognition Mode

1v1 & 1vN

Recognition Accuracy


Capture Time


Application Scenario of Binocular Iris Capture Module ECI302

Iris recognition, as a high-precision biometric technology, has high accuracy, stability and anti-counterfeiting, meeting the application requirements for higher security level of identity verification. Widely applicable in various fields such as finance, public security, education, judicial authorities, social security, etc.

Binocular Iris Capture Module

Embedded in pads or laptops to verify candidates identity.

Binocular Iris Capture Module
Border Control

Identity verification in border exit and entry.

Binocular Iris Capture Module

Iris biometric information capture, deduplication and verification of legal voters in election scenario.

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Binocular Iris Capture Module ECI302
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