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Multi-Modal Face & Iris Recognition Access Control ECX333
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Multi-Modal Face & Iris Recognition Access Control ECX333

Eyecool multi-modal face & iris recognition access control terminal (ECX333), an intelligent bio reader access control product, realizes identity authentication, access control and temperature measurement by integrating temperature measurement and biometric identification technology that covers face, iris and other in-depth facial features. With the multimodal integrated biometric algorithm developed by Eyecool, the device possesses both the convenience in facial recognition and preciseness in iris recognition. This iris recognition access control system has been widely applied in places that have high requirements on security level such as computer rooms, vaults, offices, etc.


Documents Supports of Iris Recognition Access Control ECX333

Access Control Biometric Reader ECX333 Features

360 Degree Intelligent Fill-in Light

360 Degree Intelligent Fill-in Light

360 Soft adaptive fill-in light, good recognition effects under various light conditions.

Not Afraid of Covering

Not Afraid of Covering

Precise recognition even with masks, hats, contact lenses, goggles, etc. Users can pass the iris recognition access control system smoothly without affecting safety protection.

Height Adaptation

Height Adaptation

The biometric reader device for access control can automatically rotate and aim at the position of human eyes according to users' heights, it adapts to the height of 1.3 - 2.0m, dynamically locates and captures iris and face.

Intelligent Prompts

Intelligent Prompts

The built-in algorithm can accurately judge the distance between personnel and the device.  Users can adjust the distance to iris biometric reader according to tri-color indicator lights, text and voice prompts, which makes interaction more friendly.

Complete Certification

Complete Certification

 The bio reader access control has obtained various international certifications such as CE, RoHS and FCC.

In-Screen Card Swiping

In-Screen Card Swiping

The iris recognition access control system integrates the card recognition synchronously, hidden card swiping design under the screen, which is simple and fashionable.

Precise and Convenient

Precise and Convenient

The access control biometric reader is embedded with high-safety and high-precision iris, face and multimodal recognition algorithm. Users' biometric information can be collected insensibly within the range of 40-70cm through the device to complete personnel feature registration of iris and face images and comparison.

Contacless Temperature Measurement

Contacless Temperature Measurement

Equipped with temperature measurement module, the bio reader access control has infrared temperature measurement function. The infrared camera can follow the human body up and down, accurately capture the temperature data at the eyebrow center of the human body. The temperature measurement accuracy is ± 0.3 ℃, which is safe and convenient.

Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform

Realize device management, device monitoring, permission management, personnel management, background comparison, statistical query, data synchronization, attendance management functions through cloud and biometric reader software.

Multi terminals sharing with one-time registration, easy to realize the smooth connection of the whole scenes.

Bio Reader Access Control ECX333 Parameters

Basic Parameters

Dual Cameras

Color camera: 2M and above resolution

Near infrared camera: 2M resolution

Fill-In Light

Adaptive infrared fill-in light


8 inches, full viewing angle not less than 170 °

Card Reader

M1 card

Recognition Mode

Iris recognition / face recognition /multimodal face fusion recognition

Comparison Type

Local comparison / cloud comparison

Cloud Deployment

Alibaba cloud/private cloud

Communication Mode


Hardware Interface


RS232/RS485/Wiegand 26/34/switching value

Interface common configurable

TTL IO (inner door opening switch, door magnet)

Indicator Light

Red, green, white tri color ring indicator light

(green -success, red - failure, white - breathing fill light)

Power Supply


Distance Sensor

Automatic activation by sensing movement of human body

Human body Sensor

Microwave sensing

Identification Distance

40-70cm (iris, face, multimodal recognition)

Height Adaptation Range

Self rotation, adaptive height 120~190cm (installed at 170cm)

Performance Metrics

Personnel Number Supported


Comparison Speed

1 second (local)

2 seconds (cloud, in a smooth network environment)

Other Parameters


Used in video call and message leaving

Doorbell horn

Built in 2W horn, reserved external doorbell and horn interface

Human Body Temperature Measurement

Height adaptive tracking rotation temperature measurement, no need cooperation within 120cm-190cm

Rotation Components

Angle sensor, DC motor

Temperature Range

-35°C ~ 60°C

Face& Iris Scanner Access Control Video Display

The ECX333 multi-model face and iris recognition access control system is equipped to function seamlessly even when users are wearing goggles and masks, ensuring uninterrupted access. The adaptive design of the iris face recognition reader accommodates users of all heights, whether taller or shorter than the iris biometric reader, providing inclusive access to individuals of diverse stature. Moreover, the iris recognition access control system boasts rapid recognition capabilities, facilitating swift identification even when users wear sunglasses and masks, thereby enhancing security and convenience in various settings.

Application Scenario of Access Control Biometric Reader ECX333

Bio Reader Access Control
Operating Room Access Control

Applicable to scenarios that parts of people's faces are covered, such as hospital operating room, coal mine, etc.

Biometric Readers Access Control
General Access Control

Iris scanner access control supports cloud platform and is suitable for access control in general scenes.

Biometric Reader For Access Control
Bank Vault Access Control

It's applicable to access control in places that have high requirements on security level such as bank vaults, data center, etc.

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Multi-Modal Face & Iris Recognition Access Control ECX333
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