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Biometric Border Control



Traditional border control is realized by checking passports manually, which takes a long time; At the entrance and exit with a large number of travelers, the inefficient border control method will cause a long queue of visitors.


The traditional way of entry-exit identification is easy to be used by terrorists, refugees evading visas and illegal immigrants.


Unable to conduct real-time analysis of inbound and outbound tourist flow


Automatic customs clearance (eGates, self-service customs clearance)

The solution is applicable to two kinds of documents, namely national electronic ID card and electronic passport,

  • Use the most advanced capture software and front-end biometric device to capture the passenger's biometric features such as face, iris, fingerprint, etc. in real time

  • Read the basic information in the electronic passport, check the authenticity, and check whether there are restrictions on the entry and exit of passengers and the registered travel information

  • If the information is normal, read the biometric information on the passport, connect to the algorithm server, compare and verify the collected real-time biometric information with the biometric information on the passport, and realize the automation of the border control process. Passengers can complete the check and his/her transit activities can be recorded within a few seconds.


Personnel register their demographic information at the immigration offices across the country and scan the relevant identity documents. Use registration software and types of biometric scanners to collect biometric information such as iris, face, fingerprint, finger vein, etc. The quality of the collected images is checked, and the face images are trimmed to be compatible with ICAO standard.


Perform feature extraction on the captured pictures.


Send the captured biometric information and personal information to the Immigration headquarter for information confirmation and duplication check. Determine whether the person is qualified to apply for a passport and ensure that the same person's biometric information has not been registered before. Send the verification results back to the imigration office


Immigration office issues passports and stores the information of the person in the database


Biometric border control

Improve Efficiency and Level of Security

Visitors can quickly and automatically pass customs, false and duplicate identities can be detected at the same time, saving labor costs. Border guards can focus on preventing illegal border crossing and provide the highest level of security and passenger privacy protection.

Biometric border

Good for Both Passengers and Airports

Reduce the waiting time of passengers, so that they can stay in the duty-free zone for a longer time.

Biometric analysis

Data Analysis

Provide real-time data analysis, rapid and effective analysis of passenger flow, prediction of border security risks, and visualization results

Bio identification technology

Rapid Identity Check

Non-contact, long-distance and non-intrusive ABIS automated biometric identification system can achieve rapid and highly reliable identity check.

Biometrics at the border


High functional flexibility and adaptability to meet the requirements of end users, including country-specific standards

Biometric Border Control

Robust Algorithm

The quality and accuracy are the best for multimodal fusion biometric algorithm. Eyecool biometric algorithm automatically collects, formats and verifies high-quality fingerprint, face and iris biometric data according to global standards.

Biometric Border

Interface with Other Systems

Can interface with other systems such as Interpol system and border system of other country to share information based on feature data compatible with international standards.

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