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Multi-Modal Face & Iris Integrated Recognition Device ECX101
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iris face recognition ecx101

Multi-Modal Face & Iris Integrated Recognition Device ECX101

Eyecool Technology multi-modal integrated recognition device (ECX101) is a biometric terminal which can realize face, iris and other facial features acquisition and identity authentication. With the Eyecool self-developed multimodal integrated biometric algorithm and integrated biometric technology, the device can auto-adjust angle in line with user's height to realize auto capture of face, iris and other facial features, bringing both convenience in facial recognition and preciseness in iris recognition to users. The device can be widely used in on-site image acquisition and identity authentication scenario.


Documents Supports of Iris Face Recognition Device ECX101

Feature of Multi-Modal Face & Iris Integrated Recognition Device ECX101

Precise and Convenient

Precise and Convenient

Sense and recognize facial, iris and multimodal features automatically.

Independent Learning

Independent Learning

Automatic capture of multimodal information, fusion features registration and recognition.

Intelligent Prompts

Intelligent Prompts

Tri-color indicator lights, text and voice prompts.  Users can adjust the distance to camera according to the prompts, making interaction more friendly.

Automatic Height Adaptation

Automatic Height Adaptation

The device can automatically rotate and aim at the position of human eyes according to users' heights, it adapts to the height of 1.4 - 1.9 meters, dynamically locates and captures iris and face.

Diverse Verification

Diverse Verification

Support local comparison, cloud comparison and multi-modal comparison.

Flexible Use

Flexible Use

Flexible deployment, small and exquisite appearance,  which can be used independently or embedded as a module.

Drive Free Installation

Drive Free Installation

Single USB port communication mode with auxiliary power supply port, can connect external 5V/1A, adapter auxiliary power input.

Complete Certifications

Complete Certifications

The device has obtained various international certificates such as CE, RoHS and FCC.

Parameter of Multi-Modal Face & Iris Integrated Recognition Device ECX101



Dual Cameras

Color camera: it can support up to 3 million wide dynamic modules

Near infrared camera: 2M and above resolution

Near Infrared Fill-in Light

Two side near infrared light source fill-in light (850nm)

Identification Mode

Iris recognition / face recognition / multimodal iris and face recognition 

Identification Type

Local identification / Private Cloud Identification /Public Cloud Identification (Alibaba cloud)

Liveness Detection

Algorithm with multimodal face fusion liveness detection

Indicator Lights

Red, green and blue indicator lights

Too far away (blue), too close (red), appropriate distance (green)

Video Output Format



USB3. 0 / USB2. 0

Device Frame Rate

More than 25 frames

Identification Distance

40cm – 70cm (iris and face capture distance at the same time)

Height Adaptation Range

150cm~190cm (installed at 170cm, real-time tracking)

Operating System Compatible

Win 7 and above, Android 5.0 and above, Linux



People Number Supported

More than 1,000,000



Voice Prompt

The algorithm automatically judges the distance of iris and face, and gives voice prompts


Built in 1W speaker, which can play voice prompts

Rotating Components

Angle sensor, DC motor

Temperature Range


Video of Iris Integrated Recognition Device ECX101

The Eyecool ECX101, a cutting-edge Iris Face Integrated Recognition Device that seamlessly combines advanced iris and face recognition technology. This state-of-the-art device is engineered with integrated biometric technology, offering unparalleled accuracy and security. The ECX101 is designed for fast, efficient, and reliable identification, making it ideal for access control, election services solutions, and security systems. With its dual-modality recognition capability, it ensures a higher level of security and convenience, setting a new standard in biometric identification. Trust Eyecool's ECX101 for a secure and streamlined identification experience.

Application Scenario of Multi-Modal Face & Iris Integrated Recognition Device ECX101

Iris and Face Recognition

Simultaneous face and iris biometric feature enrollment, deduplication and verification of voters during election.

Iris Face Recognition
Coal Mine

Applicable to the scenarios that parts of users' faces are coverd or hard to identify,  such as coal mine, hospital operating room access control, etc.

Integrated Biometric Technology
Biometric Database Construction

Simultaneous iris and face biometric feature collection and deduplication of all the people in the country or province. The database can be accessed and synchronized with the other systems such as border control, criminal, etc.

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Multi-Modal Face & Iris Integrated Recognition Device ECX101
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