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Tenprint Livescan ECO500
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Tenprint Livescan ECO500

ECO500 is a 4-4-2 optical fingerprint scanner certified by the FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix F of the United States, designed specifically for the toughest and largest scale work. Its height is only 91 millimeters, and it can work with a USB2.0 cable. The portable device adopts an IP54 rated casing, which is dustproof and moisture-proof,

allowing it to complete fingerprint collection tasks even in harsh environments. The finger graphic indicator light on the ECO500 panel facilitates guiding the operator to collect fingerprints at various finger positions. The software on the computer screen can prompt operators to complete the entire process of high-quality fingerprint collection. The device is small in size and easy to integrate, suitable for various industries such as national biometric databases, biometric passports, elections, public security, national defense, finance, education, information collection, as well as border control such as customs, airports, and docks.


Feature of Tenprint Livescan ECO500

Comprehensive Fingerprint Capture

Comprehensive Fingerprint Capture

Capable of capturing four-fingers flat fingerprints, double- thumbs flat fingerprints, single finger flat, rolling fingerprints.

Rich Functionality

Rich Functionality

Automatic fingerprint positioning, fingerprint split, fake fingerprint detection.

Authoritative Certification

Authoritative Certification

Certified by FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix F; CE, RoHS, FCC certificates; in accordance with ISO 19794-4 standard.

High Image Quality

High Image Quality

Imaging without distortion, with built-in defogging algorithm to eliminate wet finger fog, and with residual fingerprint suppression function to ensure the quality of collected images.

Humanized Guidance

Humanized Guidance

With indicator lights and software interface, real-time feedback on image quality is provided. Device can prompt for finger placement errors, and guide operators to complete the entire process of high-quality fingerprint collection.

Easy to Integrate

Easy to Integrate

Provide SDK development packages for Windows, Linux, and Android systems, support various languages, and quickly achieve customized development.

Parameters of Tenprint Livescan ECO500

Basic Parameters


500 dpi ±1%

Active Platen Area

3.2 * 3.0 inch (81.3 * 76.2mm)

Platen Size

3.62 * 3.11 inch (92 * 79mm)

Rolled Area

1.6 * 1.5 inch (40.6 * 38.1mm)

Image Pixel Size

1600 * 1500 pixel (Flat Image)

800 * 750 pixel (Rolled Image)

Image Distortion


Image Gray Range

≥200 grayscales


8-bit, 256 levels

Capture Rate

Single finger rolling frame rate: 20 Rate/sec.

Flat four fingers frame rate: 5 Rate/sec.


2.76 lbs. (1.25 kg)


5.35 X 6.34 X 3.6 inch (136 X 161 X 91 mm)

Communication Interface


USB 2.0

Product Features

Capture Mechanism

Automatic, Manual

LED Indicators

Power, status, and fingerprint indications

Capture Format

Single fingerprint rolls, single fingerprint flats, four fingerprints flats, two thumbs flats

Standard Software

FBI standard processing software

Capture 14 NIST fingerprint images

FBI standard WSQ compression module

SMTP, FTP, XML and NIST interface module

Quality check and sequence check module

Segmentation of flats into single fingerprint images


Operating System

WinXP, Win7, Win10, Android, Linux


C++, C#, JAVA

Minimum Computer Specifications

Intel® Core™ i3 or higher; 2 GB RAM or higher;

80 GB hard drive or higher; USB 2.0; Windows® 7 or higher

Environmental Adaptability

Operating Temperature

0 ℃~50℃

Storage Temperature


Relative Humidity


IP Rating


Application Scenario of Tenprint Livescan ECO500

Tenprint Livescan
Biometric Database Construction

Fingerprint biometric information collection and deduplication of all the people in the country or province. The database can be accessed and synchronized with other systems such as border control, criminal, etc.

Tenprint Livescan
Biometric Passport

Fingerprint information enrollment for passport.

Tenprint Livescan

Fingerprint biometric information collection,deduplication and identity verification of legal voters in election scenario.

Tenprint Livescan
Border Control

Fingerprint capture and verification in border control scenario.

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