A large number of fraud votes exist.

  A large number of invalid votes,  such as repeated and juveniles’ votes.

During the epidemic,  gathered and contacted voting is easy to cause thespread of the virus. For remote voting, verifying voters’ identity by password only increase the possibility of fraud votes.

Traditional votes statistics is time consuming and prone to cause manual error. And It’s hard to analyze voters attribute distribution  such as age, gender, etc. It’s hard  to verify  voter’s identity in  regions without regional ID system, causing voting cannot be performed normally. 


The Voter Identification Management Solution provided by Eyecool offers a powerful guarantee for the fair and smooth conduct of the election.  Taking original biometric identification algorithms as the core,  the solution empowers  biometric information enrollment, verification and management consistently, increasing security and fairness of election system.
Before the election, eligible voters can be registered into election system with their fingerprint, face, iris, ID and other related information . For the offline election, identity of the  voter would be verified according to the voter's   personal  information ID card and biometric information,  and then voting equipment would be unlocked  to finish voting;  for online election,  voters use cameras on personal PC   or handphone to realize identity verification through face biometrics,  and then log in to the election system to finish voting

  Before Voting - Biometric Data Registration
  Before voting is carried out, the biometric information of voters, such as fingerprint, face, iris, are collected using biometric devices and            registered into system together with the basic information of voters.

  Voting - Strong Identity Verification 

    In regions with regional ID system, scan the ID cards of voters during voting, get the biometric data registered in the system, then       perform 1:1 identity verification, and voting is carried out after voters passing the verification.

    In regions without regional ID system, collect biometric features of voters, verify voters’ identity  using biometric data, and  perform
 voting  after voters passing the verification. 

  After Voting - Application Layer Verification

  Verify juveniles and duplicate votes at the application layer to remove invalid votes.


 Votes Statistics

  The voter system makes real-time vote statistics, and all the voting data is clear at a glance.


  Openness and Fairness
Ensure the openness and transparency of the election to the
greatest extent, and avoid illegal operation.

  Avoid Invalid Voting
Ensure one person, one vote, avoid repeated voting and invalid voting.

Realize Remote Voting
Remote voting can be realized during epidemic to preventing
gathered, and therefore avoid spread of the virus.

  Smooth Election in Regions
without Regional ID System
In regions without regional ID system, voters’ identity can be verified through 
biometric data,  ensuring the smooth conduction of election.

Convenient Data Statistics

Real time data statistics, which is efficient and transparent.


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                Optical Fingerprint Reader TCO310


Dual Mode Face Recognition Camera Module

Dual Mode Face Recognition Device TCF232G

Dual Camera Intelligent Face Tracking and Recognition Device ECF111


Binocular Iris Collector TCI322

Binocular Iris Capture Module TCI301MS

Binocular Iris Recognition Device ECI351


   Multi-Modal Face & Iris Integrated Recognition Device ECX101

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 ABIS Platform