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Another Product from Eyecool Technology Passes Global High-Level Certification

Recently, Eyecool Technology's self-developed optical fingerprint module ECO320 has passed the FBI PIV and Mobile ID FAP20 certifications, which are globally recognized fingerprint certifications, ensuring compliance with the FBI's identity recognition system image quality standards. Eyecool Technology's products once again receive international recognition, representing China's biometric technology leading the world.

FBI PIV/Mobile ID FAP20 certification is an identity certification issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). FBI PIV certification adopts extremely strict quality standards for single fingerprint devices and is a necessary certification and reference standard for the US government, public procurement in most countries, and procurement by enterprises and institutions, which is a globally recognized highest-level qualification.


As a Chinese AI technology company ( biometric device company )with international authoritative certifications such as the US FBI PIV and India STQC, Eyecool Technology always adheres to the "top configuration" standard and tirelessly works on technology and product development.

It is not the first time that Eyecool Technology's self-developed fingerprint series products have obtained the FBI PIV certification. As early as 2016 to 2018, Eyecool Technology's TCO310 optical scanner fingerprint, EC-FPD103 fingerprint recognition semiconductor module, and other products smoothly passed the FBI certification, making it one of the early artificial intelligence companies in China to obtain an "international passport" through independent intellectual property technology and products.

By passing the FBI PIV/Mobile ID FAP20 certification, Eyecool Technology's ECO320 signifies not only broader international recognition of its products but also means that the products can seamlessly integrate into systems that have already been established based on this standard. This certification highly recognizes the advanced fingerprint recognition capabilities of Eyecool Technology's products and its leading edge in the industry, serving as a passport for Eyecool Technology's international market promotion.

As an AI capability provider and global ecological operator, Eyecool Technology will continue to be driven by innovation and guided by standards, creating high-level, high-performance algorithms and products, empowering partners to explore the global market together.

What are the hardcore strengths of ECO320?

According to the product manager at Eyecool, during the FBI's certification tests, ECO320 passed the tests in strong light environments and with black-marked fingertips, ensuring that the device can capture fingerprints in strong light environments or with dirty fingertips.

It adopts Eyecool Technology's proprietary "dynamic fingerprint template fusion technology," which has won the "National Technological Invention Award Second Prize." The fingerprint acquisition imaging is clear, the acquisition speed is fast, the recognition performance is superior, and it has strong adaptability to dry, wet, and rough fingerprints, meeting the needs of large-scale fingerprint collection and identity authentication...


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