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Dual Mode Face Recognition Camera Module TCF261
face recognition camera module
dual mode face recognition camera module tcf261
dual camera face recognition

Dual Mode Face Recognition Camera Module TCF261

The device adopts near-infrared fill light technology, and has the video acquisition functions using both near-infrared and visible light cameras. Combined with the original face recognition algorithm developed by Eyecool, it can realize functions such as accurate face recognition, image acquisition and liveness detection under different light conditions.

Compact size, easy to be embedded into self-service equipment. Using abundant software development interfaces, it can be closely combined with the third-party application management system, and is widely used in many scenarios such as on-site image acquisition, liveness detection, face recognition and identity security authentication.


Feature of Dual Mode Face Recognition Camera Module TCF261

Compact Size

Compact Size

The module structure is small and simple, easy to be embedded into all kinds of self-service devices such as VTM, ATM, etc.

Accurate and Convenient

Accurate and Convenient

Support automatic capture of face images, face  detection and comparison,  automatic identification of target people and black / white list management

Dual Mode Cameras

Dual Mode Cameras

Support near infrared and visible light imaging. Dual mode liveness detection can be performed without cooperation to prevent attacks from photos,videos and non living face images.

Advanced Algorithms

Advanced Algorithms

Equipped with the face recognition algorithm of the independent intellectual property rights of Eyecool which realizes face detection and recognition. At the same time, the CMOS photosensitive chip is used to improve the pixels and ensure the face recognition rate and authentication rate.

High Definition and Performance

High Definition and Performance

The captured image has high definition and camera has unique processing scheme for various color conditions. The camera has strong light processing ability and can take clear images under strong light, weak light and backlight; At the same time, the exposure time, white balance, contrast, brightness, saturation and other parameters can be automatically controlled, and the color restoration is high.

Parameter of Dual Mode Face Recognition Camera Module TCF261

Basic Parameters

Product Type

Dual mode camera: near infrared and visible light




Color: 3 million pixels; Near infrared: 2 million pixels


320 * 240
640 * 480
1280 * 720
1920 * 1080
2048 * 1536

320 * 240
640 * 480
1280 * 720
1920 * 1080

Maximum Frame Rate


25FPS @ 2048 * 1536

25FPS @1920*1080

25FPS @1280*960

25FPS @1280*720

25FPS @1280*720

25FPS @1024*768

25FPS @800*600

25FPS @640*480

25FPS @320*240


30FPS@ 1920 * 1080



30FPS @320*240

Output Format


Interface Type

Dual USB2.0

Drive Type

Drive free

Identification Distance


Imaging Area


Light Distortion

Less than 1%

System Support

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, windows 10, Linux system

Performance Parameters

Camera Lens

HD lens

Exposure Control


White Balance


Wide Dynamic

100dB (support semi outdoor environment)

Signal to Noise Ratio


Infrared Spectrum


Other Parameters

Working Temperature

-30°C ~ 50°C

Power Supply

USB 5V power supply

Working Current

Color: < 300mA

Infrared: < 350mA

Overall Dimensions

41.9*31. 9*26mm


Metallic matte black

Application Scenario of Dual Mode Face Recognition Camera Module TCF261

Dual Camera Face Recognition

The device is widely used for identity authentication in the financial industry, and embedded in bank integration and self-service  equipment such as ATM, CDM,

self-service payment machine, self-service card issuing machine, self-service printer, etc.

Face Recognition Camera Module

Face biometric information collection, deduplication and identity authentication of legal voters.

Face Recognition Camera Price
Self-Service Equipment

It is used for self-service scenarios such as access control, attendance system and encryption equipment that require face collection and comparison.

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Dual Mode Face Recognition Camera Module TCF261
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