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Authoritative Certification! Eyecool Technology Face Recognition Technology Has Passed the Special Evaluation of the Security of China Institute of Information and Communication!

Recently, the China Institute of Information and Communications launched a "special evaluation of face recognition security" against the abuse of face recognition and the security of face data. After strict verification, Eyecool Technology face recognition was rated as excellent (level 4) security protection level, meeting the credibility requirements such as reliability, transparency, data protection, clear responsibility, fairness, etc., adding authoritative certification for Eyecool Technology.

This evaluation was carried out by the China Institute of Information and Communication in accordance with the ‘General Credibility Requirements for Face Recognition System’, the security protection capability of the product was evaluated against multiple attacks in the real environment. The evaluation has the following highlights:

01 The evaluation focused on the ability of the face recognition system to resist the electronic screen attack, print photo attack, hole photo attack, 3D headform attack, and mobile phone customized ROM injection attack, which comprehensively and objectively reflected the level of security protection capability of the evaluated products.

02 The evaluation simulated the real attack scenario to the maximum extent and strictly controlled the evaluation criteria. It not only helps enterprises to consolidate the technical safety capability of their own products, but also promotes the improvement of the safety level of the industry.

03 The evaluation results of face algorithm have become an important basis for the selection of some banks' technology.

It is worth mentioning that in March 2021, the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data of the Chinese Institute of Information and Communication proposed to launch the "trusted face recognition guardian plan" (referred to as the "face protection plan"), which aims to enhance the consensus of the industry and society, promote the healthy development of the industry, and "correct the name" of the face recognition technology and application by means of standard formulation, test evaluation, and industry self-discipline. Eyecool Technology is one of the first batch of members of the "Face Protection Plan". Together with Huawei, Baidu, Xiaomi,, Alibaba, etc., it protects the application of face recognition.

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