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Eyecool Technology Participated in 22 Items! A New Batch of National Standards Such as Artificial Intelligence and Information Security Have Been Released!

Recently, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration (the National Standardization Administration) issued the Announcement of National Standards of the People's Republic of China (No.13, 2022), and a new batch of recommended national standards were officially released. Eyecool Technology participated in the compilation of 22 standards, mainly including ‘Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Terminology’, ‘Information Technology, Biometrics and Face Recognition System Technical Requirements’, ‘Information Technology, Object-Oriented Biometrics and Recognition Programming Interface, Part 1: Architecture’, ‘Public Security, Iris Recognition Application, Algorithm Evaluation Method’, etc., involving artificial intelligence, biometrics and information security.

GB/T 41867-2022 Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Terminology

This standard defines common terms and definitions in the field of artificial intelligence, gives the definitions of basic terms, key general technologies, key field technologies, and safety/ethics, which are applicable to the understanding and information exchange of concepts in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as scientific research, teaching and application, laying the foundation for the development of national standards in the field of artificial intelligence in China. The standard was jointly developed by the China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization, Huawei, Shandong Computing Center, Tsinghua University, Eyecool Technology, etc.

GB/T 41772-2022 Information Technology, Biometric, Face Recognition System Technical Requirements

This standard specifies the system architecture, business process, functional requirements and performance requirements of the face recognition system, which has important guiding significance for the application of face recognition technology in various industries and the preparation of industry application standards. The main drafting units of this standard include SenseTime, China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization, Huawei, Eyecool Technology, Tencent and other units.

Eyecool Technology has focused on biometric algorithm for 20 years, and is a member unit of the TC28/SC37 Subcommittee on Biometric Identification of the National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee. It has participated in the preparation and revision of 108 national, industrial and group standards, involving biometric identification technologies such as fingerprint, face, iris, vein and multimodal, as well as artificial intelligence and information security, contributed to sustainable well as the safety specifications of AI industry.

Eyecool Technology believes that the establishment of a complete technical standard system can better regulate and guide the application of artificial intelligence, which is of great significance to the future development of the industry. In the future, Eyecool Technology will continue to deepen technical innovation, work with various institutions in the industry to promote the establishment and improvement of industry standards, and promote the standardized development and progress of the industry.

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