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Iris Drug Tester ECX108
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iris drug tester ecx108
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Iris Drug Tester ECX108

Eyecool ECX108 iris drug tester is a portable and flexible device developed by Eyecool to quickly filter drug users. The drug testing equipment supplies more accurate drug tests using advanced drug detection method. It realizes drug users filter by analyzing iris and pupil reaction to specific lights via iris recognition algorithm, which can achieve quick drug test within 5 seconds. At present the detection of drug use in the world is mostly a qualitative and quantitative analysis of drug metabolites in various samples and biological samples. Currently the relevant departments rely on urine testing for the identification of drug users. This method has the disadvantage of time consuming and high false positive rate. It can only be used to screen drug users for the first time, and those who have a negative urine test also has the possibility of being drug users. Because the test result may be disturbed by food, drugs or its own metabolism. 


Feature of Iris Drug Tester ECX108

One Click to Quick Filter

One Click to Quick Filter

This iris scanner for sale integrates an iris drug detection module, equipped with a 5-inch high-definition touch screen and its own 4G and WiFi communication modules. The iris reader can achieve one-click screening, which can complete the collection of sample collection in 5 seconds and output the screening result in 10 seconds.

Flexible Deployment, Online/Offline Use

Flexible Deployment, Online/Offline Use

It's designed handheld ( like USB iris scanner ) and can be moved around any place to complete the drug test screening work. In the case of a poor network, it can complete the drug detection and drug test screening work in the target place by a standalone machine;  While the network conditions are good, the 4G/WiFi network can be used to communicate and coordinate with the iris drug screening management system and the internal association system of the public security to complete the data upload and sharing.

Multi-Functions System

Multi-Functions System

The iris drug screening system can not only complete the rapid screening of drug test, but also realize device management, personnel management and data sharing. The iris drug screening system meets the standards of iris collection and verification of criminal investigation standards, and can be docked with the national criminal investigation iris library to accurately verify the identity of personnel.

High Accuracy and Keep Improving

High Accuracy and Keep Improving

The iris drug screening system embeds a deep learning framework drug detection training engine independently developed by Eyecool Technology, which uses binocular iris image for drug detection and screening. Compared with some monocular iris drug detection device, our drug screening device is more accurate.  With the accumulation of user data, the learning of drug test data can be continuously carried out, and the improvement of drug detection and screening ability can be automatically completed.

Fast Drug Screening System

Fast Drug Screening System

The iris drug screening system is embedded with the original iris drug detection algorithm of Eyecool Technology, which can currently complete a drug test within 20s, and the screening efficiency and accuracy will be higher and higher in the future with the optimization and improvement of the algorithm.

Avoid Illegal Law Enforcement

Avoid Illegal Law Enforcement

The iris drug screening system can automatically complete the identity collection verification and drug test screening of personnel, and upload the drug test collection data in real time. It can be greatly avoided due to some social relations of law enforcers, resulting in illegal law enforcement.

Strong Deterrence Ability

Strong Deterrence Ability

Through the above functional advantages, it can be seen that Eyecool iris drug screening system can quickly complete reliable drug test work, and the future drug-related crime space will become smaller and smaller, helping law enforcement personnel to comply with the law and enforce the law strictly. It can greatly improve the deterrent ability of drug-related personnel to commit crimes and safeguard the dignity of the law.

Parameter of Iris Drug Tester ECX108

Basic Paramters


5 inches, 720P resolution, multi-touch


Equipped with 4M RGB HD color image sensor, supports backlight and low light wide dynamic imaging (face capture and recognition)

Equipped with 2M IR High-definition infrared image sensor (iris capture, recognition, drug detection)

Fill Light

Visible light fill light

Near-infrared 810nm light source fill light


Button A: Rapid drug screening

Button B: Switch on and off

Button C: Quick iris identity verification

Card Reader

National ID card applicable (optional)




USB2.0, Type C, HOST OTG

Light Indicator

Red: test positive for drug use;

Green: test negative for drug use;

Blue: Working status.


Built-in 1W speaker, play prompt voice


HD voice capture



Performance Parameters




Contact acquisition (Tips: fit the eye cup tightly to prevent light leakage)

Capture Speed


Screening Speed


Other Paramters

Working Temperature

-20° ~ +55°



Video of Iris Drug Tester ECX108

Application Scenario of Iris Drug Tester ECX108

It can be widely used in entertainment site, hotel check-in, border control, driver, army and civil servants.

Drug Driving
New Recruits Join The Army
Border Control
Attendance Check of Civil Servants
Hotel Check-In
Biometric Iris Scanner
Entertainment Site
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