Dual-Mode Face Recognition Device TCF232G

Eyecool binocular camera (TCF232G) is equipped with face recognition algorithm with independent intellectual property rights of Eyecool. It combines near-infrared and visible light to easily realize face detection, collection and accurate recognition.
Dual-Mode Face Recognition Device
The dual-mode face camera TCF232G adopts near-infrared fill light technology, which has the video acquisition function of both near-infrared and visible light. Combined with the face recognition algorithm of independent intellectual property rights of Eyecool Technology, it realizes the functions of accurate face recognition, image acquisition,  liveness detection and  so  on  under different light conditions. It is a high-definition camera integrating video image acquisition, image detection and other functions. Combined with rich software development interfaces, dual-mode face recognition   cameras  can be  closely  combined with  third-party  application management systems. They are widely used in many fields, such as business scene image acquisition, liveness detection, face recognition and identity security authentication.

Compact and easy to install. Patented design, metal material, fashionable and beautiful


Red, yellow and green indicator light, easy to operate and use


Precise and Convenient Wide Applicability
Automatic face recognition  and  comparison,  intelligent image
acquisition, fast identity verification.

High definition intelligent shooting, easy to shoot high-definition
image witness.
The field of view angle can reach 90 degrees, with 100dB wide
dynamic effect, which can be applied to  personnel  1.5m-1.9m
tall, and the image is free of distortion.

Multi environment light adaptive  algorithm,  which can achieve
the effect of 0.1Lux.

Liveness Detection Signal Amplifier
Uncoordinated dual-mode liveness detection technology, supports
near-infrared and visible light imaging,  and adopts  CMOS photo-
sensitive chip.

A single USB interface with a signal amplifier installed at the tail
solves the problem of signal attenuation caused by long lines.
Drive Free Installation Complete  Certifications
Standard UVC protocol, drive free installation

The product has obtained various international certifications such
as CE, RoHS and FCC.


Product Type Dual Mode Camera - Near infrared and visible light
Sensor CMOS
Pixel 3 million pixels
Resolution Supports resolutions of 320*240, 640*480, 1280*720*, 1920*1080, 2048*1536, etc.
Maximum Frame Rate 25FPS
Output Format MJPEG, YUV
Interface Type USB2. 0 (Support USB3.0)
Drive Type Drive free
Identification Distance 30-120cm
Imaging Area 4.73*3.52mm
Light Distortion Less than 1%
System Support Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows10,
Linux System
Performance Parameters  Camera Lens HD lens
Exposure Control Automatic
White Balance Automatic
Wide Dynamic
100dB (Supporting semi outdoor environment)
Working Temperature
Power Supply
USB power supply
Support 360 ° angle adjustment

It is widely used in various desktop system login and identity recognition scenarios.

Hotel Check-in
Verify customer's identity throgh face recognition during check-in on hotel front-desk.
Goverment Agency
Identity verification of personnel for government agency businesses.
Bank Counter
Face recognition and identity verification of bank count-ers businesses.