Dual-Camera Intelligent Face Tracking and Recognition Device ECF111

Eyecool Technology ECF111 is a face recognition camera that integrates video image acquisition and detection functions. It can automatically adapt to the user's height for intelligent face capture, and accurately recognize under various light conditions
Dual-Camera Intelligent Face
Tracking and Recognition Device
Dual-camera intelligent face tracking and recognition device (ECF111) integrates video image acquisition and detection. The core face recognition algorithm with proprietary intellectual property rights of Eyecool is employed, which can automatically adapt to the user’s height for intelligent information capture. Near-infrared and visible light image acquisition under various light conditions can be achieved. The device has been widely applied in financial institutions, public security agencies, enterprises and public institutions, shopping malls, etc.


Precise and Convenient

Height Adaptation
Accurate face detection and comparison, automatic recognition
of target personnel.

Adaptive height of 1.3-2 meters, providing good experience.
Easy Integration Complete Certifications
Small size, standard interface, supporting the integrated use of
various terminals.

The product has obtained various international certifications
such as CE, RoHS and FCC.
Drive Free Installation
Single USB port communication mode, drive free installation, providing auxiliary power supply interface (external 5V/1A, adapter auxiliary power input)

Camera Color camera: it can support 3 Million
wide dynamic at most (dynamic range
Near infrared camera: 2M and above resolution
Near Infrared Fill-in Light Two side near infrared light source fill-in light (850nm)
Video Output Format MJPEG, YUV
Plot Frame Rate 25FPS can be achieved when two
lenses are opened at the same time
Port USB 2.0 (UVC protocol)
Device Frame Rate When two lenses are opened at the same time,
each lens can reach more than 25 frames
Recognition Distance  40cm 120cm
Height Adaptation Range 130cm~190cm (installed at 160cm)
Operating System Compatibility Win XP and above, android 5.0 and above, Linux
Image Opening Speed The device opening and plotting
speed is less than 200ms
Power Supply Optional 5V/1A auxiliary power supply
Doorbell Horn Built in 2W horn, reserved external horn interface
Rotation Component Magnetic coding angle sensor, DC motor
Temperature Range -35~60°C


The Identity Authentication

The device can be used independently or integrated into ATM, CRS, TCR, STM, ITM, queuing machine, information machine, bank counter service machine, face-scanning payment, etc.