Iris Algorithm

Iris algotithm including iris location, iris split, iris liveness detection, iris quality detection and iris comparison


The human eye structure is composed of sclera, iris and pupil, and the iris is a circular part between the black pupil and the white sclera, which contains many intertwined detailed features like spots, filaments, crowns, stripes, recesses, etc., and these features can identify a person's identity. Iris recognition technology identifies people's identity by comparing the similarity between iris image features.

Eyecool iris algorithm meets the demands of monocular and binocular iris recognition, and can carry out 0-1.5m iris acquisition and recognition. Support iris quality detection and liveness detection., It is suitable for identity verification applications in finance, military, public security, education, social security and other industries.


International Standards Quick Response
Iris image complies with international standard ISO/IEC 19794-6.

Millisecond leve response, and the pass rate is above 99%
under one millionth error recognition

NIST IREX10 World No.3 STQC Certification
Won the third place in NIST IREX10.

Releted devices have obtained the Indian STQC certification.

NICE: ll World No.2

Won the second place in the world in NIST international iris recognition algorithm open competition (NICE: II).