Finger Vein Algorithm



The principle of finger vein system is to match the vein pattern inside the finger. Because venous blood vessels are hidden inside the fingers, it is extremely difficult to copy and steal. Compared with other technologies using human external features, this method is more safe. At the same time, because the principle of vein imaging is the system condition of red blood cells to infrared light, the image of finger vein is obtained by image sensor, and the image analysis is carried out by algorithm for liveness recognition and detection.

Innovative cutting-edge technology, with good robustness to complex scenes and low-quality finger veins. It is applicable to augmented identity verification application scenarios such as finance, public security, military and office.


Various Security Level Standard Format
Support different secutity levels, 1-5 levels adjustable.

Standard feature format, strong compatibility.

Recognition Mode Quick Response
Support 1:1 and 1:N finger vein recognition

Responds on millisecond level and the accuracy
rate is above 99%